A Poem for My Day

I’m on fire ‘till I’m not

I am the best,
the greatest yet,
I am a damn big deal.
My sense is sharp
and keen, and true,
I’ve a wit like rapier’s steel.

I glide through life,
through dinner parties,
like a shooting star, afire,
I aim to please
and to impress;
success is a palpable desire.

‘till all of a sudden
clouds roll in
over the distant hills
and bring with them
torrential rain
eroding my strong will.

The thunder claps,
its senseless roar
upon my ear does fall.
What once was great, mighty, and grand
is now weak, meek, fragile, and small.

I watch the bright face
I carefully carved
tumble to the ground.
my image ruined
my hard work for naught
my efforts, wasted, topple ’round

my fleshy form
my broken body
my simple supple soul.
this cold wet mess,
the sad regret of a
fraudulent, feckless, fool.


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